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3 responses to “Scotland: How to crack the Old Course”

  1. Zokol


    Learning to play the Old Course effectively takes many rounds. Primarily because the wind blows from so many different directions, it seems like there is no prevailing wind.

    Wind is so fundamental to the Old Course that when golfers play even a slightly different wind, the course changes dramatically. It forces the player to become intimate with the ground and their own golf limitations.

    It really is a steep learning curve and takes about 20 rounds around the Old Course before one can really appreciate how beautiful she is and learn how to approach her.

  2. AGN

    For just $6,000, the secrets of the Old Course can be yours!

    I think I may just move to St. Andrews to get the local rate.

  3. Adam

    Fairly extensive research has revealed to me that the best pub in St Andrews is the Criterion in South Street. Good real ale is still hit and miss in Scotland, but this one has pushed the right buttons on several visits.

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