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One response to “Global Golf Post: Expecting too much from RBC?”

  1. Red

    Great article! I find it hard to believe that some of the people you mentioned would have publicly shamed RBC for what the Tournament Director Wilmot decided who to give sponsor exemptions too. Yes, Gord Nixon or Andy Shibata could have strong armed Wilmot into giving the spot to another Canadian but it looks like they were smarter than that. RBC is a global company although a Canadian one at heart, but the tournament is looking to put the best and most entertaining field for the fans and media. As much as people hate on JD, he is still a fan draw and people relate to him.

    I hope people don’t assume that RBC will stay in golf, as everyone knows how difficult the RCGA/Golf Canada had after Bell backing out of the Canadian Open years ago. They spend millions currently and are in a good position going into 2017 which includes the first time golf has been a part of the Olympics since George S Lyon in 1904. If we want RBC to stay around and support the game we love we need to attend the RBC Canadian open and support their brand otherwise they do not get the return require to keep investing.

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