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3 responses to “Web.com Nova Scotia Open officially announced”

  1. JGolf

    This is great news for golf and golfers in eastern Canada. If you have any information on how they selected the site (Ashburn) I would appreciate it. It does not appear in Canada’s Top 100 and to be honest, I had never heard of it. I now know it’s a Thompson course and I will make a point of playing on my annual pilgrimage to the Maritimes. Terrific news!

  2. Robert

    John: I believe there are very few options when it comes to selecting courses that are long enough to hold an event like Ashburn. And be careful — the original course in town is an old Thompson, the club’s second course, outside of town is designed by Geoff Cornish. That’s the course where they are playing.

  3. JGolf

    Thanks Robert. I understand the old course is too short but even the new course is only 7000 yards (maxed). l do find it unusual that a course has been selected, for a relatively high profile tournament, that is not ranked and, a golf course that VERY few of my golfing friends have played it or heard of. (I cannot find anyone who has played it). I’m sure it’s lovely and it will be in great shape. I will try to play it later this summer.
    Other courses- I suspect Fox Harb’r is too far away. Not a great course BUT, it does have the facilities and the length. (Side note- The course at FH is a real head scratcher eh? Why they didn’t use the ocean side real estate for the main golf course. Instead they used the land for the silly executive par 3 is really bizarre. It would be well worth RJ’s time and money to reroute the golf course to include the ocean front areas). Obviously, Cabot Links would be terrific but again there are the issues of distance from Halifax and the logistics for players and fans. I can think of 3-4 more courses but all are too far away from the Stanfield airport I guess.

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