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One response to “G4G’s Most Influential in Canadian Golf List – Day 3: The Establishment (pt 2)”

  1. JGolf

    Re RBC – Nixon –
    No one has done more to ‘move the needle’ and support the game of golf in Canada and for Canadians than Gord Nixon and RBC.
    A few examples: 1 PGA event-RBC Heritage, 1 PGA National championship-RBC Canadian Open, Official sponsor of the Golf channel, RBC Junior Open Championship and, The RBC PGA team ((Els, Kuchar, Snedeker, McDowell (both BS and GM were signed in 2013), Donald (ranked 30th at signing and moved to #1), Furyk, Mahan, Hearn and Delaet)). RBC has put Canada on the map when it comes to professional golf and they have done so in a first class fashion.
    As for the “Pundit”. “The RBC commitment is large for sure but pales in comparison to the industry as a whole (meaning owners),” says one pundit. “It’s sexy stuff (for golf, anyway) but their perception is greater than the reality in my opinion.” – - – This individual doesn’t know their A-hole from a sand wedge. I can only assume you have to include on naysayer in every piece to provide ‘balance’.
    Furthermore, if we add up the collective contribution of the other major corporate sponsors over the years (Imasco, TD, CN etc.), RBC’s impact on the sport eclipses the cumulative effort of those pervious sponsors by multiples.
    For the Pundit, imagine if you can the game of golf in Canada, both professional and amateur, without the support of Nixon and RBC. Almost vacant; like the logic of the comment.

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