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One response to “Shaw Charity Classic Game day — Spittle, Mediate and low scores”

  1. al onso

    I am going to have to be a bit of a party pooper on this one. I live in Calgary and I didn’t bother to show up for any of the Shaw Charity Classic. In my opinion, though the course was playing around 7,100 yards , it was set up so as to not embarrass the players while providing an illusion of good play. A couple of things. Almost any legitimate regular PGA Tour player who turns fifty and joins the Champions Tour is an immediate winner. These are usually players whose last regular tour win was many years before turning fifty. When Mediate, who was a solid regular tour player (six wins in 27 years) but hardly a star, can shoot minus 22 over only three rounds and blow the opposition away by seven shots as a Champions Tour rookie, the field is suspect. If the course, which I’ve played, was set up properly, let’s say Rocco might have been minus twelve but that means the guys at the bottom end would be ten shots worse and fans might be questioning why they are bothering to watch. To me, the field was populated by a lot of players who never did anything on the regular tour. The good guys who can still really play are in a minority. Hale Irwin, I think, is the most accomplished player who was in the tournament in Calgary with 20 regular tour wins. He has the most wins ever on the Champions Tour (a whopping 45) but hasn’t won since 2007. What I’m talking about is typified by the George Johnson column on John Jacobs. Jacobs move is to smoke a cigar on course and tell boring stories, boring because we all have our own stories that are just as funny as anything he tells. I mean, the guy had no wins on the regular tour. None. And the cigar thing was invented a thousand years ago by Larry Laoretti, another regular tour non-winner, and Fidel Castro when he’d puff on a Cohiba while knocking it around at the Havana Golf and Country Club. Fred Couples has 15 regulate tours wins in 30 years. He has won 8 times on the Senior Tour in only three years. Enough said. Anyway, some nostalgia in having an opportunity to see a few formerly good players on the regular tour, yes. But for good golf, I’d have rather watched the up and comers in the recently played Canadian Tour event in Calgary.

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