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4 responses to “Canadian Open — A history of Glen Abbey”

  1. J

    This was a very interesting piece on Glen Abbey and I thoroughly enjoyed. I was unaware of the history and individuals behind the appointment of Mr. Nicklaus to design the course.
    As we all know, there are several interesting tales surrounding Glen Abbey, its ownership and eventual sale. It’s nice that you were able to get the plugs in for your two top courses in Canada- St George’s and Highlands. I’m quite certain that most Canadians would identify those 2 courses as the ones that would eclipse Glen Abbey:). If nothing, you’re loyal.

  2. Gary Slatter, CPGA

    Bob Cupp was very involved.

  3. Ray Porter

    Was a member of Glen Abbey from it’s inception, until the RCGA decided to make it a public golf course. A group of about 25 members were recruited by the late Bruce Forbes, to join The Brantford Golf Club, which in my mind, ranks amongst the best in Canada. Before the redesign by Mr Nicklaus, the Oakville property operated as Clearstream, and was a golf course of some quality, and was origionally the Upper Canada Golf and Country club.Upper Canada was too expensive for it’s time, as it was a high end operation, and was competing for members with a number of very well established clubs. I and my friends spent many happy hours during the 1950s and 60’s at Clearstream and Glen Abbey.

  4. Ray Porter

    In the final sentence of my comment, I referred to “the 1950s and 60s “. This should be corrected to ” the 60s and 70 s ” My apologies !

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