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4 responses to “Merion GC — Brilliance in a small package”

  1. Johnny U.

    Hi. Astonished that Merion itself does not have the definitive history behind the wicker baskets. There’s your next project Robert.

  2. Johnny U.

    Is this true??? I’ve heard that if your ball gets stuck in the wicker basker you get to place it on the lip of the hole-no penalty. I assume that is NOT the rule for the US Open??

  3. Drew

    I want to get on to merino but unfortunatly do not have the connections to get on. I was wondering if you could help me get on ! Thanks

  4. Steve Snead

    Nice Post Robert! Absolutely loved the history, (as an Englishman), watching Justin Rose hit that final shot to the 18th, just a few yard from the Hogan marker! Absolutely thrilling end. Keep up the great work. Steve X

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