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5 responses to “Course review: Redtail revisited (Union, Ont.)”

  1. Johnny U.

    Quite surprised the 4th hole didn’t rate a comment or 2 from you scribe.

  2. Gary Slatter, CPGA

    Union Ontario – for its size has great golf, St Thomas 1st, Redtail #2.

  3. Jack Folcum

    I agree, I’d rather play St. Thomas than Redtail on a regular basis even the London Hunt. It is a treat to play Redtail though!

  4. Bill Log

    I agree with most statements made here. The ability to understand Course review: Redtail revisited (Union, Ont.) in this market will show your strength in the future. Robert, What motivated you to call this blog “Course review: Redtail revisited (Union, Ont.)”, not that the title does not go with the content, I am just wondering. Thank you for the article Robert.

  5. Burrard Chiropractic

    I’m just wondering if this course is public or membership only? I’m traveling there and I like to know so I can drop in for a round of game with a few friends.


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