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6 responses to “Toronto’s Dream 18 Golf Holes”

  1. Matt

    Loved that you have 17 at Lakeview in there…awesome hole.

  2. Kerry

    I agree, Lakeviews 17th is great. Imagine how much better if it was restored with all the original bunkers.

  3. Matt

    Imagine how good the entire course could be if properly restored…

    A good tree trim, add some light fescue for colour and texture, restore all the grassed in bunkers. It already has many excellent original greens…that place could shine.

  4. Gary Slatter, CPGA

    I used to love playing Lakeview, can’t think of Pro Larry ***** last name, he was also a hoot. Top 18 in Toronto is tough, why not all 18 at St George’s and if you include burbs, all 18 at the National.

  5. Jorge Cundreras

    7 is not even close to the best hole at the Nash, not enough room off the tee, but one of the toughest. 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18 are better holes. You should play the course again!

  6. DP

    Like some other posters, I agree with your pick of no. 17 at Lakeview. Shows you can have a very short hole and it can still drive you nuts and produce a range of scores. They don’t seem to make golf holes like that anymore.

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