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7 responses to “Four Days in April: New Mike Weir documentary teaser”

  1. Darren Mikolasek


    That looks phenomenal.

    Please keep us posted on this release.

  2. Zokol

    Wow is right… it looks remarkable… a proud moment for not only Mike, but Canada.

    I recall that time when Mike didn’t have money … he was working with my instructor Clay Edwards from Texas… I recall Clay making one phone call that got Mike’s sponsor.

  3. peter

    This could be the highlight of the year for him cause he can’t make a cut anymore.

  4. Mr Hall

    Here’s hoping Mike has a good year!!!

  5. Weekend Enthusiast

    I remember the summer of 1993 when Mike was on the Canadian Tour. The Head Pro from our club in Winnipeg was Mike’s caddy for one of his Western based tour events. Our pro came back from that tournament and said “Mike is a great ball striker and will be on the PGA tour and will win…and win big.” No truer words were spoken….at a time when few believed in Mike Weir.

    Congrats on Mike’s accomplishments and this documentary segment. Here’s hoping he can find some late in life form on the golf course.

    Incidentally, our Pro was no slouch on the golf course. He subsequently competed in the final group of the British Senior Open.

  6. Jack

    Always been a big fan of Mike’s, lets hope he has a great year!

  7. John Bennett

    Made the cut. Well done Mike. Let’s hope he can do the same at Agusta. Play well, we are pulling for you.

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