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3 responses to “Golf Canada faces uphill battle to find new Canadian Women’s Open sponsor”

  1. Steve

    RT-What’s the Over/Under date for the RCGA to announce RBC as the new sponsor? Morgan Pressel didn’t get all dressed up for nothing!

  2. Heather Hendrickson

    Canadian women open golf is nice tournament. It helps to spread the women golf. This year CN wants new sponsor for the tournament. All the best wishes to them.

  3. Chas Sinclair

    Some challenges have no solutions. Marketing of the LPGA is one challenge that has no solution at the present time – at least not in North America. The women’s Canadian Open should be held at one location (in the GTA) so as to attract a larger and more consistent following (both live and on television). Moving it around the country is counter-productive. Perhaps there can be more invitations to Canadian women (prof + amateurs). Good luck sorting this out.

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