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One response to “Streamsong, Tom Doak and the Renaissance Cup”

  1. Bryce Hunter

    Just played both last Saturday and admit that my impressions were almost identical.Cannot imagine how 15 handicaps and above would enjoy anything but the setting which is terrific. Doak’s greens are unusual.Firstly the size[XXL], topography[elephant burials] and then runoffs at the back. Never have I felt the need to look at putts from both sides/ends as much as here,which seriously effects time playability. The signature par3’s near the clubhouse are spectacular as is the clubhouse exterior design. I am a 67 year old 6 handicap who can still hit it.We played suitable markers for our age yet still there were four par 4’s which I couldn’t reach and maybe never could have! Rumour has 2 more courses to come. Owned by biggest global phosphate mining company…this is an old mine site.

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