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18 responses to “Course review: Rideau View Country Club”

  1. paul spare

    THe 11th is a par 3. The 12-14 are all par fours and are called “The Soldier”. Parring all three in the same round is a challenge.

  2. Frank


    One of the most spot on reviews you’ve ever done.

    I personally like Rideau View quite a bit. As you say, where it is solid it is great, but there are some decidedly average holes.

    I do think you missed out on the 4th hole I believe(?) The dogleg right. I think the green is good and location very interesting.

    1. Frank

      Actually the third.

  3. Dick Kirkpatrick

    My family and I built the back nine for Robbie in 1961 for the grand sum of $44,000.00 not including irrigation. Dick Woodward was the superintendent at the time and the club was 100% Jewish at the time. The only director I remember is Jules Loeb, whose family founded the grocery store chain of the same name. The president of the club at the time (don’t remember his name) was involved with the Bank of Canada. Good people to work for.

    1. Steven Demers

      Robert, A fair and accurate review. But you didn’t critique the bunker renovation done by Ian Andrew.

      Dick, do you have any original plans, sketches or old photo’s?

  4. Robert Thompson

    Steve: Ian’s bunker work is fine. This isn’t a course that would be transformed by an elaborate bunker renovation.

  5. Dick Kirkpatrick

    No Steve, I don’t have any of the old plans and photos.

    I don’t know if Ian Andrew has access to them in the club files or not. You could ask him.

    1. Maureen

      Dear Mr. Kirkpatrick,

      Thank you for the history on RideauView. I have one question, are you the brother of Jane Kirkpatrick?

  6. Steven Demers

    Dick, ok. Thank you.

  7. Steven Demers

    Robert, I know you didn’t play the course before Ian’s renovation, but I think his work has improved our course. Specifically, the 8th, 9th, 13th and the “short and sporty” 17th. Overall, his bunker style and placement have added strategy and flare. Again, nice review.

  8. Gavin

    I will start by saying that I have not played Rideau View. I do know members there who love the course and you arebangon about the quality of golfers there. I would love to invite you the next time you are in Ottawa to play at Camelot in Cumberland, Host of the 2012 Canadian Amateur. I think that most in Ottawa would agree that it is the best course in Ottawa. We too have just had a bunker renovation as well as some alterations by Tom McBroom.

  9. Robert Thompson

    Gavin: Camelot is certainly on my list — with any luck I’ll manage to get out this summer.

  10. Maureen

    Dear Mr. Kirkpatrick,

    Thank you for the history on RideauView. I have one question, are you the brother of Jane Kirkpatrick?

  11. Brad Fritsch

    A few comments I think are important to make…I’ll go in order from first to eighteenth holes just to make it easy. Keep in mind I think from the perspective of the above-average player.

    The first tee shot is anything but wide for a golfer looking to reach the green in two shots. You literally cannot hit it in the right first cut and have a look at the green, and the fairway bunker to the left is in play as well.

    The sixth hole is an excellent par three, because the green runs away from you to the left. You have to hit a high soft shot to hold the green, or else hit it in the bunker behind the green or bail right into the chipping area. Add to that the fact there is water short of the green, and I’m not sure what the weakness is.

    The ninth green is terrible. There are three pin placements when the greens roll 10+ on the stimpmeter.

    The tenth is a neat par five for the longer hitter, although it was much better when there was a hazard splitting the fairway instead of just rough. Tough green to hold with a long iron or wood as well.

    My biggest problem with the review is the assertion that the 15th is the best par three. It’s actually the easiest shot of any of the par three holes, and it’s not like the green offers any resistance. So I’m curious why it’s such a notable hole. The eleventh hole, which you tout as boring, is the hardest green to hit on the entire course. The back right pin is the hardest on the whole course to get close. So, I don’t really get it.

    In sum, I actually agree with your base conclusion, which is that Rideau View is a course that can’t really sneak into the top echelon of rated courses in Canada. It’s not the National, or Shaughnessy. However, I do believe it’s the best course in the Ottawa area, and important from my perspective, the only one that could host a top-tier men’s professional event. It tests your driver with its length, and your short game with its small greens.

  12. Wog

    Nice input from:

    2004, 2011 Men’s Club Champion – Steve Demers

    1998 Men’s Club Champion (and PGA Tour member) Brad Fritsch

  13. Mike Mezei

    First class members and head pro at RVCC. Challenging track without question and should be called RVGC! don’t remember all of the holes but I always remember the stout par 4’s when I think of Rideau View, specifically the 12th.

  14. Dick Kirkpatrick


    Sorry, I have not been on the site for a few days.

    No, I am not Jane Kirkpatrick’s brother.

  15. Wog

    @ Mike – The Club recently was renamed Rideau View Golf Club.

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