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3 responses to “Hockey’s funny man in Palm Springs, and playing LA Country Club”

  1. Gary Slatter

    Does he still have a golf simulator and putting green in his basement? Apparently it was a big hit in St Louis. Heard Dennis three times one summer and his after dinner “talk” was as funny as it gets. Can’t wait for the book, even if I’ve heard it all before…

  2. Gary Slatter

    Robert, I like the before picture best! It is more indicative of a well maintained private club. I know picture 2 is the new old look, but honestly ….

  3. Dick Kirkpatrick

    Like Gary, I prefer the before picture but for a different reason.

    I do not know why they would remove the large sycamore ?? tree and bit of mound and fescue ?? that was between the green and the next tee.
    I dislike the look of the tee behind the green in the new version and would especially not like it if there was a group teeing off there while I was hitting an approach shot. JMO

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