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6 responses to “The passing of Bill Ogle”

  1. Bill Ogle Jr.

    Thank you, Robert. My father was a truly great man; especially to his family. He was a quiet and gentle soul who lived a storied life. He will be sorely missed.

  2. Maureen Comisso

    What a beautfiful story ! Thank you Robert.

  3. John Hayward

    Robert, thank you for sharing this with us. I wish the PGA of Canada would bring gentleman like Mr. Ogle to come and speak with the golf professionals of today. We surely could learn alot about the game and how our profession has evolved over the years. Truly a remarkable man!

  4. Gary Slatter

    thanks Robert, we’ll miss the gentlemen pros, and I agree with John Hayward, the golf professionals of today need to meet and be involved with our pioneers, before they are gone! The game and business has changed, we miss the real links.

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  6. Paul Sloan

    I worked for Bill Ogle at Rouge Hills from the time I was 11 until 19 or 20. I started
    out picking up pop bottles at the 10th tee and graduated to selling greens tickets in the pro shop. I couldn’t imagine a better place to grow up. That experience fostered a life long love of golf. What an interesting boss! I remember being mesmerized by stories of his wartime bombing sorties over Germany. I also remember going with him to look at the farm that would become Thunderbird. Thanks Robert for rekindling those old memories of a wonderful time in my life.

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