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4 responses to “Course Review: Streamsong Resort (Polk County, Florida)”

  1. DRR

    Incredible article! Very thorough and well written. Have heard quite a bit about this new course. Supposed to be a real gem. Close to Mountain Lake, which is a Seth Raynor treasure in the middle of Florida.

  2. Gary Slatter

    fine reportage Robert! will they be able to keep it fast and firm in the summer?

  3. Ray

    Excellent new course in Central Florida. At least it’s a public venue versue Mountain Lake being privite.

  4. Doug Graham

    It appears Mosaics marketing investment in these courses will most likely pay off. I suspect some how they have been written up or advertised in every golf magazine in North America (and quite likely others). As a Canadian snow bird spending 6 months in a seniors golf community in Lakeland Florida, I visited Streamsong when it first opened. I found from the club house and vantage points near by, what your pictures show, demnants of a phosphate mine with golf holes between the sand dunes. What I found, that was rather strange, the score card stated all sand is played as a hazard. Would I like to play it? As course rater with 15 years experience, I sure would, but at $200 or so without cart I will stick to my Ron Garl course at Schalamar Creek for $30 with cart.

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