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4 responses to “Course Preview: Laval Sur-le-lac (Blue Course)”

  1. Jeff Mingay

    Rob ~ thank for the review; I’m anxious to see this new course.

    Just wondering ~ you say the bunkers are unlike anything you’ve seen in Canada. Looking at your pics, they kinda remind me a bit of St. George’s. What’s so ‘different’ about them in your view? Just curious,

  2. William Newton

    I agree with Jeff’s comments. And the bunkering appears somewhat repetitive in location, style, capes and surrounds; although mounding framing the bunker complexes seems to be excellent. I believe fairway bunkers (properly located) add
    a great deal to a golf hole, and need not, necessarily, be a hazard.

  3. Jeff Mingay

    Thanks for your response, Rob. I understand your point; but, sounds like the point you were trying to make was more about unique grass lines – which is cool – than unique bunkers. Sorry, not trying to nit-pick! Was honestly interested in your perspective, ’cause I’ve been interested to see what was going to become of the bunkers at Laval. Frankly, I don’t think ‘ragged edge’ bunkers would have fit that site either.

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