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8 responses to “Course Review: Rosedale Golf Club”

  1. Matt

    Good review, Rob. Rosedale has a lot going for it, besides the uber-wealthy membership. It’s come a long ways in recent years, with there now being some coherency and consistency in the overall design.

    No doubt the 4’s are the best part of the golf course, although I am not a fan of the opener or the closer.

    I wouldn’t say #9 is the best short 4 I’ve seen, but the fact that I made an Ace there puts it up a notch or two in my books.

  2. John

    Great review Robert. A little surprised the par 3-13th didn’t make your highlight real. I think it’s one of the best (toughest) par 3’s I’ve played.
    The Board and Mr. Fought did a super job in the course renovation. Perhaps the greatest improvement was to the 15th hole. Great work. Keep it up.

  3. Matt

    John, agreed re: 13…beautiful, natural green site. 3 is always a good score there.

  4. Tim S.

    In the 2006 Ontario Mid-Amateur played at Rosedale GC, only one golfer was able to finish under par in the 54-hole tourney. That golfer happenned to be Rosedale GC member Peter McCarthy who registred who repeated in 2008 at Thornhill. Virtually every guest I bring onto the course concurs is far more interesting and difficult than reputed.
    If the 14th isn’t the most challenging Par 4 in Ontario, I haven’t played that course yet.

  5. Insider

    Wow – had to check to see if this review was dated April 1. Laughable. Scrapes into Score top 100 on exclusivity only.

    1. John

      If you have an opinion, try to provide some rationale to back it up. Without any back-up, its just another stupid comment!

  6. Bill Macdonald

    Robert, you have forgotten Tom Bendelow, Rosedale’s. FIRST GOLF ARCHITECT ! Refer to page 35 in Rosedale’s 100year book and Jim Barclays Golf in Canada page 354.
    Lets have a game soon.

  7. john Davis

    The 6th hole has fooled you as it does many visitors to Rosedale. As measured by the scores over par this little devil shows up as the hardest hole on the course!

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