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2 responses to “Golfweek releases Canadian course list”

  1. Jeff Currie

    What about TGC’s redo by Hawtree. Classic?

  2. John

    Golfweek needs some guidance. To put Banff anywhere near the top 10 is a crime. It’s too short. It is poorly conditioned. The rounds are 5 hours long and the layout is uninspired. Unlike Jasper, where you could put the golf course anywhere and have fun, Banff cannot stand alone. If you took the setting away, the course would not be in top 500.
    It is nice to see TGC getting the accolades it deserves after the redo but, to place Hamilton at # 7 confirms Golfweek may be doing more than walking on the ‘grass’. They’re smoking it! Also, it’s nice to see Coppinwood climbing the ladder. I am always surprised that CW is not mentioned as a possible Canadian Open site????
    I completely agree with your assessment of Fox Harb’r. Perhaps a Tim’s would improve the day there. Not surprised that Muskoka Bay is falling down the lists. I find each time I go there I enjoy is less. It’s pretty but, it is not a course you’d want to play every day.
    It would be nice if GW would publish the criteria they use in their ranking process and who is on their panel.

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