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8 responses to “British Open Week: Canadian Links”

  1. Wally Kemp

    You have sold me, I have always wanted to play Tarandowah and even though it is a two hour drive I am going to try to get there next Monday.

  2. Matt B

    Good list Rob – did Sagebrush get consideration here? I personally think that the playing characteristics mimic a links more than any other course in the country despite the mountain setting.

  3. Tom

    Having been priveleged to play many Links course in the UK, including 5 of the Rota and other “hidden Gems” there is one true Links course in Canada. Kings Links in Vancouver sits directly on the water and mimics many of the best links that sit directly under the Rota courses. No worse, simply a little “less” in size and scale. Think of Leven, Lunden, Crail, Elie, Dunbarm Kings Links fits perfectly into that group. No grand clubhouse but a perfect and complete Links experience. It is not my favorite course, very good but not perfect, but if people want to see a true links in Canada and what they might see in smaller communities in the UK, it is perfect. In fact the location reminded me a little bit of Royal St. Georges although the course is much flatter, think the old course.
    Give it a try and you will realize that we do have a “pure Links” course in Canada. It should not and cannot be viewed as a “top 100″ but the experience is as close to “pure Links” as I have ever seen or experienced in North America.

  4. Colin

    I love true Scottish Links particularly on the North Sea side of the island. I have made three trips over in the last six years. I am also a believer in building to your environment. If your land is on rolling hills in the middle of a forest, a faux links just doesn’t do it for me. While I can appreciate and enjoy courses such as Tarandowah, Eagles Nest, Paintbrush, I just don’t get the wow feeling of a Kingsbarns etc. I have always been surprised that there haven’t been enough places in Canada where there is land available on larger lakes or on the coasts where decent links simlar to GB & I could be built. The obvious examples that come to mind would be a Bandon or Whistling Straits. I do hope that Cabot Links gets built before the decade is out! I am not a designer by any stretch but I think places like Fox Harb’r missed an opportunity. I don’t know the final tally for building that course except that is was large. While a decent course, I think you could have done more with the land even if soil conditions don’t quite match what is across the pond. Heck, Ron could have filled a tanker and brought whatever he needed over!

    I have never played Victoria pictured but from that one pic, I have to say wow. I have check out pics of the other 17 holes..


    1. Ben Cowan-Dewar

      Things are progressing well and we should have you playing golf inside your window :). You can find some progress photos and updates on our facebook page and if you are in the area, I would love to give you a tour.

      Best regards,
      Ben Cowan-Dewar

  5. maureen

    Grand mere golf club , a Walter Travis design seems more like a links course …….has anyone tried that experience!!

  6. Rob

    I couldn’t agree more with the Trandowah assessment – I highly recommend it to anyone within a 2 hour drive – you won’t be disappointed. I’m in Burlington, and have been able to get there in roughly an hour – not horrible at all. It’s worth the extra gas for teh cheap green fees – especially if you’re a golfnow.com member.

  7. Mark

    Glad you gave a shout out to Monck’s landing, just north of Norland off Highway 35. It proves positive you really went looking for unique courses. It is off the beaten path of the golf world in a sense, but it is a links of sorts. The whispy fescue off the fairways and the rough are typical of Links style courses in the UK, but you are also correct in the middle holes with their trip through the forest. That said, it is a fun little course, and just 5 minutes from my trailer park where I am up in the summer, so I am a big fan.

    If only someone would build Canada’s answer to Whispering Straits…..

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