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10 responses to “Sean Foley denies rumors of links to Tiger Woods”

  1. John

    Very interesting story Rob. Will have to see if this turns out to be true or not. It does seem strange that given Tiger’s missed cut last week that there was no Hank Hany at the Players Championship all week as Tiger prepared. One would have thought Tiger would have Hank around for sure.

    The only question marks, as the media keeps telling us is exaclty how strong is Tiger mentally and how much is Tiger’s personal life (the scandal, reported pending divorce) distracting him from focusing on his golf game? Probably more than we all think. He maybe the best player ever but he is afterall human.

    Be very interesting to see what develops on this story……

  2. Tighthead

    RT – at the time that TW switched to HH, he was in his bromance with O’Meara. When his eye wandered, there was Hank.

    Now, he seems to be very tight with O’Hair – remember he stuck around to congratulate him at Quail Hollow last year – very un-Tigerlike. If his eye wanders now, he sees Foley.

  3. Rob

    It will be interesting is this is true as I would love to see Tiger in a S&T method like Sean.

    If Tiger understood the golf swing more he could be extremely dangerous.

    Sean Foley is an outstanding coach and has learned from the best.

  4. Boyd

    Good for him

  5. bobby joe

    Rubenstein is such a pandering fool.

  6. Geoff

    Rob, sean o’hair has elements of ben hogan. Why is it that when people see someone centred and on plane it is stack and tilt. They are just teaching what some instructors have known along. Sean Foley has not learned from the best he is the best and history will prove that. Interesting how little success the players that do stack and tilt have. Axley gone from PGA, Badds gone, Dean Wilson lost card, Tom Scherrer lost card, Mike Weir gone. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

  7. Just Wunderin'

    No comment….

    He’s pretty savy don’t you think?

  8. Micah

    Wow! Kudos to this nugget three months in advance…someone should get a raise for having this info back in early May! Nice work!

  9. Marjorie

    I had not read this article before and the fact that Tiger was “picking” Sean’s brain at the PGA is very telling. I guess this is why Hank Haney was so upset even though he told the media (and Tiger went along with his explanation) that his relationship with Tiger was dysfunctional (although I saw him happily in Tiger’s company watching sports). Notice, Tiger has not commented/reacted to this article and I doubt ever will. Both he and Hank Haney knows what happened and Tiger is not talking (or texting – he has learned his lesson and paid dearly for texting) and will not talk in public about it. I find that Tiger let’s others do the talking and reacts very conservatively. When he returns to winning tournaments (AND HE WILL) I will just smile and have my cup of tea. Tiger has to make sure he goes with a coach who will honour confidences, otherwise, who can you trust.

  10. Danny

    Great read…. Foley Fan

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