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2 responses to “Björn on the Bayou”

  1. "Natasha"

    The “blancmange” man … OMG! Derek that is olde English and so funny … and thanks for picking the guys I have in my golf picks – now they are doomed !!! As much as I wanted to see Ernie win again last weekend, to see Jason do it was wonderful ‘cuz he played so well each day! I’m gonna put him in my golf picks for next year (poor guy will probably be doomed).
    You’re still mad … glad to see being near our “rulers” in Ottawa hasn’t changed you!!!
    Now I’ve gotta catch up on your previous “masterpieces” … I’m behind on the computer. Thanks for the laffs.

    p.s. When I was a kid, back in the 16th century, I used to get home from school (in England) and love to watch Billie Jean King at Wimbledon – she was so good at talking to herself, I think that’s where I picked it up.

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