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Guest blog: What do golfer’s truly need?

RT Note: Colin McDougal has been a semi-regular contributor to this blog in the last year. This is his latest take on the state of the game.  “Advertising is legalized lying.” ― H.G. Wells I thought for this blog I’d take a somewhat different point of view from previous installments and talk about the power more »

2014 Golf mid-year Unofficial Report

Calgary:  There certainly seems to be a lot of doom and gloom about the state of our game.  Even McLeans has an article. Friday I had a 20-something ask me to help him pick a golf ball “suitable for my game”.   “I just broke 80 for my first time, shot 78 at DÁrcy Ranch” he more »

It’s still Better in the Bahamas!

Just before Christmas I got to spend a couple weeks in the Bahamas, an island country that has been our home several times over the years.  I got to check out Nassau and its new courses, Freeport and its old courses, and Abaco with its great mix of old and new layouts.  I spent most more »